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Puravarna Residence owners have the right to sell their Residences and their remaining leasehold title rights at any time to any third party to realize capital gains. Puravarna Residence owners are required to inform the Owner in writing advising Puravarna of the terms and conditions of the sale. Puravarna will have first right of refusal and shall communicate their decision within 30 days. If Puravarna declines to purchase the property, the owner shall appoint Puravarna as the exclusive marketing agent. The reason behind this is to protect the market value and brand name of Puravarna. Puravarna works with only the very best and most professional or real estate companies. This ensures market prices are maintained high.Upon completion of sale between the Residence owner and the buyer, all benefits and obligations of the investment programme shall be transferred to the buyer, including the balance of leasehold tenure.

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